Playing around with wool again

Well, I’m ALWAYS playing around with some kind of wool, lol, but this is a tad different as I’ve not tried this before. I’ve been meaning to, just never got around to it. This actually took a while, as I’d work on it for a while, put it down for a while, pick it back up again, etc etc etc.  This is made from an angora/lambswool sweater and is sooo buttery soft! It is trimmed out in pink DK weight wool. I could have possibly made the foundation stiches closer, but it’s my first whirl at this kind so I don’t think it’s that awful!


crochet recycled soaker

crochet recycled soaker


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Got the dang (err…cool) shirt done!!

T-rex tie dye

T-rex tie dye

It took some figuring out that the embroidery I wanted to use wasn’t going to work….well, let me rephrase that in saying I’m not confident enough in my embroidery skills to risk ruining a perfectly cool shirt. I had ruined my own t-shirt in figuring this fact out, so I tried a few applique designs instead and had two complete set up’s cut out and ready to be fused down, but I just didn’t care for them. One of them was my son’s t-rex that he drew recently. It just wasn’t working for me, so I reverted to a t-rex he had sketched a short while back (that I had used for a needle felt applique). This one worked – again – so I went forward and stitched him down. Now I just need to get him into the mail!

I also was able to get some minor sewing done on two soakers, and hopefully can get them previewed. I have a bunch of longies to zip up, so I think that will be on tomorrow’s list to-do. Working at night is so hard, I get so tired too quickly!!

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This is soooo stinkin’ cute!

This soaker was crocheted by Julie of Angels and Dragonflies on The Whole SHEbang on Hyena Cart.  She’s now currently licensed to sell my Eden Soaker and I am just in awe of this embroidered soaker!  Awesome job Julie!!!!

Eden Soaker

Eden Soaker

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Custom’s Page added!

I will update as I can and as my schedule permits. currently my smalles is teething and being a big meanie ;0) so getting things updated can be a challenge. For those currently on my customs list, please check back weekly (or every other day or so). I’m trying to get these things done as fast as I can.

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Hot off the hooks!! sweet small longies…*sigh*

Remember those days when your LO was small enough to fit into tiny longies? Don’t they grow so super duper fast?? I miss the teeny days! 

These longies are hot off the hook, finished just today.  Again, one of my projects I can do with babe in lap, so away I went!  I found this yarn on sale, what is referred to as an “economy” yarn. I’m by no means a yarn snob, so when I find a great yarn in my LYS at a great deal, I snap it up!  If my youngest LO was small enough to wear these longies, I’d be keeping them!

They are made using the Ladybugz Morning Glory pattern with a modified gusset to give some extra play in the crotch and not put stress on it.  Ohhhhh these are so soft!!

Small Longies
Small Longies
Small Longies
Small Longies
Autumn colorway

Autumn colorway

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Mad dashing tonight

E won’t let me get anything done during the day, so nights after the kids go to bed, are a mad dash to get something done while my oldest watches her for me.  I feel like I’m flying and hope to all that’s good that I don’t screw something up along the way!

I had hope to get the t-shirt applique done tonight, had actually worked on it, gotten everything traced and cut….but it just didn’t look right. Having had maybe 2 hours of sleep last night and a nap this afternoon to recover a bit, I still wasn’t feeling all that awake tonight, so figured it’d be best to hold off on the applique until I can approach it with clear eyes.  I don’t want to screw up that cool tie dye shirt!

What I could get done was some simple sewing. I can go on auto pilot for this stuff, simple cut, sew and serge a few seams, and whamo bamo DONE!  this is for a trade…seems most of my work is trade related recently, but heh, it helps that I don’t have to spend the elusive greenback’s, right??

Her sweater, my machine (and oh-so-tired talent, rofl)

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More tester pics!

Wee One is asleep in my lap and the other littles are in bed, so it’s time to update a little more! I’ve had a few more of my gals send in their finished soaker pics. To them, my biggest thanks again! I still have to update yardage/oz. needed to work the pattern, then I’ll be getting it up for sale. I think I’ve had enough people test it and give their input that it should work fine for others to use. If I receive input of additional problems not yet addressed, I suppose I’ll deal with them at that point. I figured I’d better get it going or it will never happen!!  Here’s a couple more pics from my gals, two of whom have already requested cottage licensing!!  Thanks again ladies, you’ve been a great help!

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Check out the recent dino pic! ———>>> over there in Asher’s Art page!

He’s always drawing dino’s but this one he pinned on my corkboard for ME! I’m actually going to use it for an applique I am making to put on a t-shirt for a swap. I’ll post pics as soon as it’s done. I had originally wanted to use a dragon embroidery but for some reason the embroidery is wonky and I don’t want to ruin the t-shirt! (it’s a really cool fall color tie dye!)

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OOOOH embroidery is fun!

I got brave and had a local gal I had sewn for, teach me how to use this machine of mine. It sat for several months unused and unloved and now I feel very silly that I was afraid. It’s so easy!!! Now I just need the time to use it! The first project was my daughter Lillian’s name, very easy. The next full on embroidery on my own was on my husband’s shirt. Next I’ve been working on fleece and woolies. I think this could be a new addiction ;0)

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Wow, been a while! I now have labels!!

This is so cool. I have my own labels now! both name and size labels to adorn my woolies….so exciting! I know I know, kind of silly to be excited about labels but my life is boring and revolves around kids and sewing so maybe that will get me by. Anyway, here’s a pic of them on a pair of fleece soakers!

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