Which will it be? new or old?

I figured I’d update this posting to say I think I’m going to wait on finishing this pattern. I do like the second better, it fit better than the first, but I only have one LO to try things out on now so the first one remains unused at the moment (my older LO wouldn’t wear it much so I couldn’t test the fit too often).  This one seems to be very labor intensive in figuring out, with writing the pattern as I go, that I need a break from it. I keep saying I’ll get it done, but I just can’t right now. (Ever get mad at a pattern??? that’s the stage I’m at).

That’s the dilemna I am facing now. I want to get this crochet wrap pattern worked out, but I’m stumped over whether or not I like the original pattern…..or if I like the second pattern I made.  I still need to work out the different sizing, but I can’t do that until I decide on the general shape!  What do YOU think? I’d love comments on which one is more desirable. (overlook the ends poking out of the 2nd wrap, I got impatient & snapped pics before I was all done!!)



August 3, 2008. Tags: , , , , . crochet.

One Comment

  1. Crochet Diva replied:

    It is hard to say without trying them, but they both look nice. Why not both? 🙂

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