Mad dashing tonight

E won’t let me get anything done during the day, so nights after the kids go to bed, are a mad dash to get something done while my oldest watches her for me.  I feel like I’m flying and hope to all that’s good that I don’t screw something up along the way!

I had hope to get the t-shirt applique done tonight, had actually worked on it, gotten everything traced and cut….but it just didn’t look right. Having had maybe 2 hours of sleep last night and a nap this afternoon to recover a bit, I still wasn’t feeling all that awake tonight, so figured it’d be best to hold off on the applique until I can approach it with clear eyes.  I don’t want to screw up that cool tie dye shirt!

What I could get done was some simple sewing. I can go on auto pilot for this stuff, simple cut, sew and serge a few seams, and whamo bamo DONE!  this is for a trade…seems most of my work is trade related recently, but heh, it helps that I don’t have to spend the elusive greenback’s, right??

Her sweater, my machine (and oh-so-tired talent, rofl)


August 27, 2008. Tags: , , , . Sewing.

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