Hot off the hooks!! sweet small longies…*sigh*

Remember those days when your LO was small enough to fit into tiny longies? Don’t they grow so super duper fast?? I miss the teeny days! 

These longies are hot off the hook, finished just today.  Again, one of my projects I can do with babe in lap, so away I went!  I found this yarn on sale, what is referred to as an “economy” yarn. I’m by no means a yarn snob, so when I find a great yarn in my LYS at a great deal, I snap it up!  If my youngest LO was small enough to wear these longies, I’d be keeping them!

They are made using the Ladybugz Morning Glory pattern with a modified gusset to give some extra play in the crotch and not put stress on it.  Ohhhhh these are so soft!!

Small Longies
Small Longies
Small Longies
Small Longies
Autumn colorway

Autumn colorway


August 28, 2008. Tags: . crochet.

One Comment

  1. Crochet Diva replied:

    Beautiful. I love the colors and the crotch gusset idea. I crochet the morning glory, as well, and I always add a bit onto the crotch area. You’re so right, the sure do not stay that little for long. I crocheted some of these for newborn size, and found myself wanting another baby. 🙂

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