Playing around with wool again

Well, I’m ALWAYS playing around with some kind of wool, lol, but this is a tad different as I’ve not tried this before. I’ve been meaning to, just never got around to it. This actually took a while, as I’d work on it for a while, put it down for a while, pick it back up again, etc etc etc.  This is made from an angora/lambswool sweater and is sooo buttery soft! It is trimmed out in pink DK weight wool. I could have possibly made the foundation stiches closer, but it’s my first whirl at this kind so I don’t think it’s that awful!


crochet recycled soaker

crochet recycled soaker


August 31, 2008. Tags: , , , , . crochet, Sewing.


  1. Resweater replied:


  2. Alyssa replied:

    Oh my goodness this is so cute. Would you possibly have the pattern for this or a tutorial? Im working on making my little girl some wool soakers and i crochet…and these are too cute to pass up!

    • Carson replied:

      If you look up the free Katrina soaker (which mine isn’t but similar in style), you can use that as the soaker portion which you would sew up minus the legs and waist, then just sew on a row (I think it is a blanket stitch??) of wool at those areas. After you tie off the base layer of sewn stitches, simply crochet on a row of HDC, and work the cuffs and waist around until it’s the desired length/circumference. It’s cute but time consuming.

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