Back on board! Woohoo!

Whew, back on board and getting some things accomplished! Brieanne, as you know, you are pretty much DONE! I’m working on the next two gals as I type….well not as I type, but tonight! I hope to get the rest wrapped up this week. Thanks so much for your patience. It is much appreciated!

My trip north was a great one visiting my grandmother. The poor gal had a shocker though, as we introduced her to her last (from me anyway) great grandchild.  We hadn’t told her about the pregnancy, and then birth, because she was very incoherent and “out of it” for over a year. She had fallen twice, and hit her head causing a closed head injury. There was a time, actually, that they did not believe she would make it. I’m glad she did, so that I could see her again (I was very pregnant when she was seriously ill) and so that she could meet my youngest.  It was a wonderful, super packed week of visiting!  The fall foliage was so beautiful, I wanted to scoop up the leaves and bring them back to Florida! I miss fall and all the smells, it was so nice!


October 25, 2008. Just Because.

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