I’m so crafty! Bread!

Why are you posting about BREAD, you may be asking? Well, I believe that cooking and baking can be an artform all by itself. To create the perfect loaf of bread, or the moistest cake, can take a lot of trial and error and perseverance. I am on a mission to save my family some money. Funds are tight for everyone across the nation, my family is no exception. My husband is out of work awaiting a Workers Compensation claim finalization (fingers crossed and praying for re-training!!!), and I am going to school almost full time (3/4 is enough for me with 8 kids to boot), so money HAS to stretch right now. Sob sob, right? Another sad story, blah blah blah. Well while I might be a half-empty type of person some of the time, the majority of the time I try to view the world through my rose-colored glasses and see a positive spin to whatever trial lay before me. What does that mean? It means I get to have fun baking!!! I have been trying and trying to make the *perfect* bread for us at home. I think it would be cheaper and healthier all around, if I can finally master this. Have you ever really read the ingredients in a store bought loaf of bread? There’s all kinds of additives (i.e. crap), and I have yet to find a loaf that does not contain high fructose corn syrup – which we are attempting to reduce in our diet due to my son’s ADHD (and it has helped!) and to improve our health overall. I have tried several different bread recipes, and while they each have their own positive characteristics, I am still looking. I want that perfect loaf, with a soft tender crust and a nice soft, yet solid center, that can hold a hefty piece of ham (or turkey, yum!) in a nice sandwich. The half-loaf pictured below is made using the Artisinal bread (Click here for article). I used a very large bread tin, and as you can see the bread is pretty big! I put the 18 oz. jar of peanut butter next to it to show how big it is!! The inside of this bread is very yummy and soft. The crust is quite crunchy but still tastes good. My six year old daughter, Rachel, actually asked to take a slice slathered in butter, to school for her mid-day snack! Can’t say that I blame her!!

Homemade bread!!

Homemade bread!!

Another thing I have tried is baking pita bread! I have some gyro meat in my freezer I am dying to use/eat, and don’t want to have to buy pita bread….which really wouldn’t be hard to find given the area I live in – Pasco County, FL has a very high Greek population. Ever been to Tarpon Springs?? Oh they have some incredible Greek food there! YUM. Anyway, back to my topic! Here is my attempt at baking my own pita bread. Please overlook my oven that requires a good scrubbing. Just one of those things that fall through the cracks of my life, kwim?

Pita bread balls on their second rise

Pita bread balls on their second rise

Pita baking in the oven

Pita baking in the oven

Pita bread!

Pita bread!


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