Haven’t posted in a while! Quick update!

I know there are some that still check this sad lil’ ole blog of mine, so this is for you. I’m nearly done with my semester! I am mentally hanging on by a string, hoping I can get my classes finished with the grades I set out to get. Hopefully it will happen – only one more week! Then I have a bit of a break, and on to summer semester! Luckily that is only one class – so a breather even though the pace will be faster. Hopefully, though, I will be able to get some sewing done and be more productive in that respect. I have one gal patiently waiting until my head isn’t buried in a book so that I can get her shorties done in time for summer (you’re a doll Francesca!). I tell ya, as a very very part time WAHM, it’s so incredibly nice to have understanding customers who realize we still have lives on top of our WAHMing (whether WAHMing is our career or our hobby). Ok, well, enough break for me – back to finish up a Powerpoint assignment, fun fun!


April 24, 2009. Tags: . Just Because.

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  1. Jenny replied:

    I’m just dropping by to check out your site. It’s pretty nifty. I’m gonna bookmark you and visit often, but before I go I’d like to invite you to my site for a visit. Hope to see you there.

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