About me!

Here are some recent photos of us….they are showing up dinky, so I guess you’ll need to click on then if you want to see a bigger version!!

A little bit about me! I’m a 39 year old S/WAHMom and now STUDENT(!) (hopeful nursing student) to a blend of 8 children at home (plus our furry family members Mary, Chewy and Gypsy plus our barn babies), the 9th and oldest at 22 is on his own in our home state. At home, they range from 18 years all the way down to 3 years old!  I have been married to my husband Sam for almost 10 years. We relocated our home to the gulf of Florida for a few years, but decided to improve our children’s educational and living environment….and be a little closer to family….by moving to Tennessee…this brings us within 8 hours of home versus 24+ hours (which means for us, a 3 day drive).  I have been sewing and crocheting since I was a young girl (yikes….I can say it’s been at least 20 years or MORE!). I began sewing my own cloth diapering supplies in 2005 for my son Sammy during a job transition for my husband, and just kept on going for the remaining children! I love cloth diapering and strive to make it affordable to everyone by utilizing recycled fabrics where I can. Applique sketching and sewing is my favorite part of sewing the items I create and am always up to new ideas from all kinds of sources!  Crocheting is my current past time when it comes to woolies….I can crochet and have a baby in my lap at the same time!!  Hopefully some of my pattern ideas will come to fruition here!
As you can see, I have to be my own photographer! Here’s me with the rear end view of my youngest’s head! Below are my family, minus the oldest who’s living on his own in Michigan.



 This is us prior to the birth of Eden – I am large with child in this photo – thanking the Lord that he allowed Eden to bake for as long as he did!



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