Some recently created woolies!

First up are some things I made for some collabs that will be featured at Bella Tesori shortly (link to the right!!) – large recycled wool footed longies and medium smallish wool crepe (oops!) JERSEY :

Crochet YYMH woolies for a Diva:

these are just before I was done – so no waist strings yet in the pics – the stitch I used for the shorties took up a lot more yarn than I anticipated so had to use more of the trim color than originally expected. ūüėõ

Next up are some action shots of Eden in her wool trimsie cover bound with foe, I love this cover! FOE and I are just slowly becoming friends. I had to go over some areas as my original stitch down didn’t work as I had hoped so you’ll see some spots of thread on the black.


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WAHM Stimulus Package – available 12/1/08

I’ve decided to participate in the WAHM Stimulus Package that many WAHM’s are making available to help out our customer base during our nationwide economy slump.¬† Effective December 1, 2008, I will be reducing my pricing by 20%, will only use the remaining fabrics that I have onhand for creation of instock items, will accept custom orders only with the understanding that I must use current fabric on hand ( no buying new materials! ) and will encourage the use of customer’s recycled fabrics to create their items (i.e. Your Sweater, My Machine slots – YSMM; or Your Yarn My Hook slots – YYMH) which will help in the overall reduction of money spent¬† The temporary reduction in pricing will affect both instock, custom, YYMH and YSMM slots alike.¬† Please spread the word to those who may be interested in learning about cloth diapering but are afraid of the initial investment.¬† This is a great opportunity to save money while building your stash!


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Sweet little bolero!

Recently finished this bolero I’ve been struggling with for a little while. The weight of the yarn didn’t match the pattern, so I had to pretty much re-write the pattern to suit the yarn – following the lines of the pattern shown.¬† It’s a cute little thing, crocheted using a soft wool dyed in natural dyes.

Toddler Crochet Bolero

Toddler Crochet Bolero

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Going out of town

I just wanted to make my customs aware, as well as those who may be interested in purchasing, that I am taking a necessary trip out of state to visit my eldery grandmother who lives in Canada. She has been ill and at 94 I need to see her now verus later – it’s been nearly 2 years since the last visit with her before we moved south! I will be gone from October 15-21st and will not be able to do any work during that time frame. If you are on my custom’s list I will do my best to get as much done before I leave – for those who make purchases through the HC’s I am a member of, I will ship your item as soon as I return home. Thank you for your understanding!

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My Eden Soaker Crochet Pattern is going live!!

I’ve decided to go ahead and sell the pattern at an intermediate level, as I have not included row stitch counts as of yet. I had planned on having a spreadsheet created for special customization, but due to how my pattern is started, this is not possible. Sooooo I must go back and add in the row counts!!!¬†

Purchase of the Fuzzy Britches Eden Soaker pattern is available on all three of the congos I am a member of and listed here, just look for my vendor cart Fuzzy Britches:


Buyers have the choice of a .pdf file emailed to them, or they can have a paper pattern mailed to their physical address for an additional charge.  I hope to see lots and lots of Fuzzy Britches Eden Soakers on as many cloth diapered bums as possible!!

The pattern is for personal use only and finished items from this pattern are not to be sold commercially.  Cottage licensing available for sale after permission is granted.

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The Merchant Ship – a brand new congo opening today!!

A fabulous group of ladies that I am happy to begin working with, are stocking today at 12 p.m. with various FFS and a great collaboration! Come check it out!!

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Previews are up at Buddha Bellies!

For those in search of woolies, I’ve posted several previews of plain and embroidered wool jersey soakers, a recycled wool soaker (featured here on my blog and offered at auction!!) and several longies. I will be adding several other recycled wool longies throughout the week and possibly some recycled wool soakers as well.¬† Come on and check them out at Fuzzy Britches at Buddha Bellies Congo stocking at Thursday at 6pm!

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Playing around with wool again

Well, I’m ALWAYS playing around with some kind of wool, lol, but this is a tad different as I’ve not tried this before. I’ve been meaning to, just never got around to it. This actually took a while, as I’d work on it for a while, put it down for a while, pick it back up again, etc etc etc.¬† This is made from an angora/lambswool sweater and is sooo buttery soft! It is trimmed out in pink DK weight wool. I could have possibly made the foundation stiches closer, but it’s my first whirl at this kind so I don’t think it’s that awful!


crochet recycled soaker

crochet recycled soaker

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This is soooo stinkin’ cute!

This soaker was crocheted by Julie of Angels and Dragonflies on The Whole SHEbang on Hyena Cart.¬† She’s now currently licensed to sell my Eden Soaker and I am just in awe of this embroidered soaker!¬† Awesome job Julie!!!!

Eden Soaker

Eden Soaker

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Custom’s Page added!

I will update as I can and as my schedule permits. currently my smalles is teething and being a big meanie ;0) so getting things updated can be a challenge. For those currently on my customs list, please check back weekly (or every other day or so). I’m trying to get these things done as fast as I can.

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