Some recently created woolies!

First up are some things I made for some collabs that will be featured at Bella Tesori shortly (link to the right!!) – large recycled wool footed longies and medium smallish wool crepe (oops!) JERSEY :

Crochet YYMH woolies for a Diva:

these are just before I was done – so no waist strings yet in the pics – the stitch I used for the shorties took up a lot more yarn than I anticipated so had to use more of the trim color than originally expected. 😛

Next up are some action shots of Eden in her wool trimsie cover bound with foe, I love this cover! FOE and I are just slowly becoming friends. I had to go over some areas as my original stitch down didn’t work as I had hoped so you’ll see some spots of thread on the black.


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Preview is UP! Awesome cupcake collaboration!

This collaboration is just tooooo sweet! Can’t you just picture your little girl in all this cupcake goodness?? What a yummy Fattycake diaper that is, and the embroidered t-shirt looks oh-so-soft! Put them all together and some little girl is going to be very very lucky and absolutely adorable!!

Come on over to and check it out – available December 11, at 1pm!!


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About half way done with a dragon applique!

Needle felted of course! I still need to add his tummy and the detail felting using wool yarn to match —- then of course there’s his flames, cannot forget the flames!!  Here’s a pic of him half way done and what he’ll resemble when he is done!  These are on a wonderfully soft recycled wool longies for a sweet little guy of a gal on one of my sewing boards.

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How about some fall themed longies and an adorable fitted diaper??

Then you need to check out this collaboration at Bella Tesori between myself (Fuzzy Britches) and Sam of Tweedlebee and Tweedlebum! I created a pair of recycled wool longies with a fall foliage tree needle felted onto the longies – these longies have a great weight to them and would be fantastic for night time diapering! Sam created an adorable fall squirrel flannel Fattycake fitted with a full hidden layer of bamboo fleece and three layer soaker of cotton fleece, and the inner touching babies tender skin is oh so comfy bamboo velour. If you know anything about Fattycake diapers, you know they are an incredibly well fitting diaper! Between these two items, you’ll have a beautiful set to show off your little one!!

Bella Tesori Fall collaboration

Bella Tesori Fall collaboration

Fall Fattycake Fitted Diaper

Fall Fattycake Fitted Diaper

Fall Recycled Longies

Fall Recycled Longies

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Mad dashing tonight

E won’t let me get anything done during the day, so nights after the kids go to bed, are a mad dash to get something done while my oldest watches her for me.  I feel like I’m flying and hope to all that’s good that I don’t screw something up along the way!

I had hope to get the t-shirt applique done tonight, had actually worked on it, gotten everything traced and cut….but it just didn’t look right. Having had maybe 2 hours of sleep last night and a nap this afternoon to recover a bit, I still wasn’t feeling all that awake tonight, so figured it’d be best to hold off on the applique until I can approach it with clear eyes.  I don’t want to screw up that cool tie dye shirt!

What I could get done was some simple sewing. I can go on auto pilot for this stuff, simple cut, sew and serge a few seams, and whamo bamo DONE!  this is for a trade…seems most of my work is trade related recently, but heh, it helps that I don’t have to spend the elusive greenback’s, right??

Her sweater, my machine (and oh-so-tired talent, rofl)

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